Welcome to Sht ghst's Extended Press Kit

This page will provide you with everything you should know about the Seattle based psychedelic phenomenon. StreAm the sophomore record "2: PHotos of Bread" Here


The Music

 SHT GHST (Shit Ghost) creates a new kind of post synth rock referred to as "underwater psych". The sound is heavy on reverb, wah-wah filters, and features a huge synth sound provided by Erik Blood (Shabazz Palaces). Blood has a big sound, that really takes the experimental ideas and concepts to a new level. The vocal effects that SHT GHST uses are unlike any other. The osculating cry's are created with vibrato and reverb. It is truly something new and unique, a new color for the world to see.


Here you will find two singles from the recent record "2: Photos of Bread." The songs "Melt Your Brain" (featured above) and "So What" are good examples of SHT GHST's uniquely beautiful sound. Below you will also find a video of SHT GHST’s full live performance.




"2: Photos of Bread builds off the ambition of his previous work, finding inspiration in the ocean, far off galaxies, and the human condition from the perspective of an urgent, curious being trying to make sense of it all. The album details the story of humans leaving the planet for new worlds and as such, the music sounds and feels alien."

City Arts Seattle

"The anonymous weirdo known as Shit Ghost has been tweaking Seattle audiences for a couple years now, performing in a white Spandex mask, white turtleneck and Archie McPhee costume glasses while stretching time—and his vocals—like saltwater taffy in ten-minute-long, ambient rock excursions. Like his on-stage persona, Shit Ghost’s music is both soothing and discomforting, gentle and gently maddening. You won’t notice you’re being lulled into a dissociative fever dream until you’re already there, and by then it’s too late, and you’re fine with it."


Seattle Weekly (Best Local Record of June)

"Shit Ghost writes a bizarre kind of post-rock dubbed “underwater psychedelic” that, refreshingly, takes itself far, far less seriously than its apocalypse-obsessed contemporaries do.

Santa Rosa Records

"Shit Ghost is truly something fresh and unique—a mix of hypnotic psychedelic post-rock and ghostly vocals."

The story

Mr Spaceman, a once mortal man, has been sent back to earth by the creators to learn something that he failed to learn during his time alive. He must discover what that is before he can leave this Earth once and for all. He seeks truth and answers through his music, and performs under the name SHT GHST (Shit Ghost). He encourages others down the path of introspection and self examination, and is a strong advocate of space exploration.



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